Walter Geering

Managing Director Headhunters

The Business:

Walter Geering have supplied quality products to the hospitality industry for more than 100 years. Today, still run by the Geering family, they continue to supply a comprehensive range of bedroom and bathroom products. They pride themselves in offering fine quality products from sustainable sources and great service at outstanding value for money.

As the owners were looking to take a step back from the business, they required a Managing Director who would continue to deliver the company's vision and mission, focusing on quality products, service excellence and value for money. They had used recruitment agencies on a number of previous occasions but without success as they were unable to get candidates of the requisite calibre.

As a result, they felt headhunting was the right approach and engaged us due to our detailed methodology and thorough process as well as our proactive approach.

The Challenge:

The significant challenge for this role was finding individuals who had suitable gravitas and credibility to deal with the high end customers of our client, including top quality hotels and universities.

In addition, given the nature of the role, it was a major challenge to identify candidates who were not currently in a Managing Director's role, but were suitable to step up into such a role as their next career step.

Our Solution:

In order to find the best possible candidate, we undertook a thorough search of our client's direct competitors as well as a number of other similar markets supplying high end quality products.

We compiled a long list of candidates who were currently employed for companies that ranged from large blue-chips to SMEs.

Identifying the Candidate:

The ideal candidate required a substantial background in the sector and were likely to be an existing Sales Director or Head of Sales with the ability and ambition to progress to the Managing Director level. As a result, we identified a long list of 71 relevant senior candidates that were put forward to our client. Our thorough interviewing and pyschometric profiling process then reduced this to a shortlist of 5.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

From the initial list of suitable candidates, we produced a strong and balanced shortlist of 5 outstanding candidates, which was further reduced to 3 before face-to-face interviews with our client. Through our continual support and guidance, Walter Geering ultimately appointed an excellent candidate who had the right level of experience and ambition to ensure the company would continue to grow in a manner that adhered to their family values.