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Executive Headhunters are experts at identifying rare candidates and attracting them to your business. We employ an innovative and transparent process on every headhunting assignment undertaken to ensure exceptional results.

This process works effectively whether we are headhunting a Finance Director for a large corporate, a Sales Director for a start-up, or a Managing Director for an SME, plus everything in between. We also have significant international capabilities, meaning we have access to a huge global pool of candidates.

Through this we are able to carry out cross-border searches, sourcing senior candidates from all over the world to ensure that you receive only the best fit for your business.

Our process is as follows:


  • Initial telephone call to understand your requirement(s)
  • Meet with your Managing Consultant, who will run and deliver your search
  • Define the role specification in detail at meeting
  • Define the candidate specification in detail at meeting
  • Explore and understand why the role is attractive
  • Outline our process

At Executive Headhunters we believe in the importance of continuity throughout our dealings together, which is why the person you meet will be the person who delivers your project.

Meeting you will help us to gain a thorough understanding of your role. It’s vital to know why your role and your organisation would be attractive to candidates, who are likely to be high calibre individuals that are not actively looking for a new job.

We provide you with our Success Profile report to review after the meeting. This details our understanding of what you are looking for and why it is such an attractive opportunity.


  • Original research to identify target companies
  • Approval of target companies by client
  • Identification of target candidates within target companies
  • Approval of target candidates by client

Not all “headhunters” are the same.

By operating as generalists we are able to offer our clients access to all potential candidates.

A specialist recruiter can NEVER offer this as many of the businesses they should be targeting for your role will never appear on their target lists.

If they specialise, they are highly likely to already recruit FOR some of your competitors and therefore cannot recruit FROM them.

A specialist simply cannot approach all of the best candidates.

You’ll get full transparency throughout, so that you can see we deliver exactly what we promise.


  • Initial discreet approach by phone to each target candidate
  • Result of every approach is documented
  • Additional market information is collected
  • Salary is benchmarked

Promoting your company and the benefits of the opportunity, we approach all of your target candidates discreetly.

For each approach we document the outcome and record this in a progress report.

We take the time to explain to you why those candidates who don’t make it to the next stage are either unsuitable or not interested.

We also benchmark the salary, which helps when negotiating with your preferred candidate.

We make sure to collect useful market information throughout, giving a valuable insight into how your competitors are doing.


  • Initial in-depth telephone screening by In-House Researcher
  • Second stage telephone screening by Managing Consultant
  • Full face-to-face behavioural interview with Managing Consultant
  • Full face-to-face competency based interview with Managing Consultant
  • Psychometric profiling as per client requirements
  • Reference checking

At every stage of our process we are assessing potential candidates against your requirements to ensure the best fit from a cultural point of view, as well as from a skills and experience perspective.

All candidates are interviewed by the Managing Consultant – the person you met during the initial phase and the person who remains your point of contact throughout.

Our process is rigorous and designed to assess and identify consistency of information, strengths, weaknesses and any potential concerns.

Psychometric profiling is included at no extra cost and we reference check all candidates.


  • Summary search report compiled and presented
  • Full CV and interview reports provided for each recommended candidate
  • Full package details provided for each recommended candidate
  • Psychometric reports provided where required
  • Full support during the interview and offer process
  • Onboarding support during the crucial first few months

At this stage we have completed the full industry search and can make our shortlist recommendations.

Each candidate has undergone a multi-stage interview process including a meeting in person or via video conferencing with your Managing Consultant.

A report is also provided detailing the outcome of EVERY approach we have made.

It is this transparency that gives you the confidence that you are meeting the very best possible candidates for your position.

Contact us on 0207 160 6996 or info@executiveheadhunters.co.uk to find out how we can help you find the best talent for your organisation

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