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Executive Onboarding


The transition phase for any new executive is crucial to long term success. In fact, we know that nearly half of all leadership transitions fail within the first two years and nearly 70% stated organisational culture and politics were the primary reason for failure.

Yet despite people being their most valuable assets, a surprising number of organisations don’t genuinely commit to developing their best people as it takes time, skill, planning and investment. To really maximise the potential of your employees, you need a bespoke approach, and that approach needs to be delivered in the most efficient and engaging way possible.

Our Executive Onboarding service has been specifically researched and designed to ensure the long-term success of a senior appointment.

It works by combining expert board advice and executive coaching with a trusted conduit for confidential communications between the business and the new senior team member. This service will be finely tailored to each client’s needs but will (as a minimum) include:

  • Meetings with organisational stakeholders to understand the priorities and expectations for the new executive
  • An initial meeting with the new executive to discuss roles, expectations and outputs of the programme
  • A psychometric profile of the individual. With the option of 360-degree psychometric profiles of up to ten stakeholders to identify any potential pinch points or areas of conflict before they happen
  • A twice monthly face-to-face meeting for the first 3 months. This could include facilitated meetings with peers, superiors or subordinates
  • A monthly face-to-face meeting for the remaining 6 months of the programme
  • Unlimited distance coaching support
  • Regular meetings with the reporting manager
  • A final meeting to evaluate progress and discuss the next strategic steps

These sessions will provide an opportunity for the new executive and senior team to:

  • Discuss ideas with an impartial and independent source
  • Receive feedback and appropriate challenge on the proposed strategic direction
  • Understand the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Sense check action and contingency plans
  • Analyse their own leadership style
  • Highlight and analyse their learning as the time period progresses
  • Reflect upon, develop and enhance their practice through coaching

Our onboarding specialist will listen carefully to the needs of the executive and the client, tailor a programme accordingly. We will always work with the priorities of all stakeholders within the organisational framework and will ultimately act as a ‘critical friend’ to the executive who provides advice and guidance to ensure that integration happens as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our approach is facilitative and designed to help the executive to develop strategic direction and tactical plans, whilst ensuring that stakeholders are managed and kept involved.

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