Terminal Business Manager - Transport Headhunters

The Business:

Dubai National Air Transport Association (dnata) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of air services. As an industry leader, the business offers ground handling, cargo, catering, and travel services internationally. dnata has grown to be the largest handler at Heathrow Airport, London. The business is a large provider of jobs, employing 1000 people across the UK, taking care of over 4 million passengers.

dnata were looking to recruit a new Terminal Business Manager. As this role was highly important, they were looking to work with a headhunter in order to source the perfect candidate. The business was looking at a range of headhunters, and decided to work with us as they were impressed with the format of our service. We talked closely with the board of directors and outlined the thoroughness of our process, as well as our ability to take a more broad approach in finding the right candidate. This was important to dnata, who didn’t want to simply search competitors for candidates.

The Challenge:

As the Terminal Business Manager role was high priority, there was a specific set of skills that candidates had to possess. Finding and attracting candidates that matched all of the role’s specifications was challenging.

In addition, the majority of the candidates that were ideal for the role actually worked outside of the client’s industry.

Our Solution:

After engaging in detailed discussions with dnata’s management, we gained a strong understanding of exactly what they were looking for in their candidates.

We placed a large focus on searching within the transport and logistics industries, as well as in warehousing. This was because this is where we believed the best, most relevant candidates could be found for this opportunity.

We utilised our ability to search across multiple industries and identify senior talent from outside the client’s sector. We understand that often senior skills are transferable, and often to get the best candidate for a role, you need to look in other sectors.

dnata were looking for exceptional candidates, and the very best candidates often don't consider moving industry. This is because they’re well valued by their employers and given strong salaries, benefits and progressions. This meant that a more broad and comprehensive search as well as a lot of candidate nurturing was required. As a result, we approached and sourced an excellent selection of candidates from outside the client’s market.

Identifying the Candidate:

As a result of this detailed, targeted talent search, we produced a shortlist of 6 talented candidates. These candidates were great matches for dnata’s opportunity, possessing all the right skills and experience. One candidate in particular stood out to dnata and was hired as their new Terminal Business Manager.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

The successful candidate was a highly talented individual with strong relevant experience and an extensive skillset. They were a confident leader with great commercial awareness. This was an extremely successful headhunt for dnata.Our experience with dnata is yet another example of our ability to adapt to our client’s needs and source top candidates from a range of industries and sectors.