Sinclair Knight Merz

Managing Director Headhunters

The Business:

Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) is a project delivery, engineering and sciences firm that provides strategic, technical and commercial advice to high-profile clients in related industries. With 6,000 employees, offices in 47 countries and an annual revenue in the region of $1billion, they have become a global business with an ever-growing profile. Their aim is to deliver a positive and enduring impact on the world – with sustainability being at the heart of everything they do.

The Challenge:

SKM wanted a Regional Manager for their UK EMEA division. He or she would need to provide regional leadership across the operation, with responsibility for implementing successful strategies to produce measurable results for the business. This was to be an incredibly high-profile role – the successful candidate would be the senior face of the company in the region. They’d also need to influence a number of different areas of the business, developing and enhancing both client and employee relationships. We had to find someone with an exceptional track record in strategic management, forward thinking and relationship development – combining personality and experience to ensure success.

Our Candidate:

For many businesses, the combination of ‘strong leader’ and ‘team player’ is an ideal combination in a senior individual. Working closely with SKM to understand their long-term goals, we agreed that candidates would need to show experience of building relationships and influencing outcomes, rather than directing them from afar. They would also have to have strong personalities, be a good ‘chemistry fit’ for the business, and have the natural inclination to take on responsibilities associated with becoming the ‘face of the company’.

Our Solution:

A candidate with high-end leadership skills, strong commercial acumen and an innate ability to develop others and drive the company forwards.

Knowing the Client:

SKM had been growing steadily and new acquisitions meant they could increase their profile even further. They needed someone who could happily take a key position in the global marketplace, but also help shape the company in its next phase of growth. Working closely with them to understand both their current operations and aspirations for the future, we knew that SKM’s commitment to employee development and their highly independent nature made them a very attractive proposition to potential candidates.

Identifying the Candidate:

We focused our search on candidates who already held a senior role in the Professional Services environment. First, we identified businesses that were suitable - those operating in the Consulting Engineering sector with a turnover of around £70m. Then we narrowed the field of potential applicants by looking at current responsibilities and management profiles. We knew that SKM wanted someone with international management experience who could take a front seat and lead change for the company, and ultimately we were able to identify several candidates with the potential to thrive in the role. SKM agreed.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

The successful candidate had all the experience necessary - the drive, the skillset and the enthusiasm that made them ideally suited to the position. Proving to be the perfect fit for this niche role, this resulted in a successful outcome for everyone involved.UNDERSTANDING A HR DIRECTORS RECRUITMENT JOURNEY  FREE eBOOK Successful Recruitment & Headhunting in the Engineering & Manufacturing Sectors  HR Directors in the engineering or manufacturing sectors who are looking to  begin their journey through the recruitment process, probably know that there  are many options when it comes to recruiting new talent. This guide will  outline the options, explain how they differ and how each one will affect your  journey. DOWNLOAD NOW!