Rock View Vets

Veterinary Headhunters

The Business:

Rock View Vets is a 100% small animal, independently owned veterinary practice in Cornwall offering high quality individual care. Their motto is “Quality vet care as individual as your pet”. They offer a full range of services and have a range of modern equipment including their own endoscope and keyhole surgery kit.

The Challenge:

Rock View needed a small animals vet, ideally with experience in orthopedics, to join their growing practice. The practice was expanding and did have a locum working the role for four months but they’d recently left, so filling the position was an urgent requirement. The role would involve being on call a couple of nights a week and one full weekend a month – they also ran a Saturday morning surgery and were about to open a Sunday surgery. Ideally, the vet would have experience in orthopedics or surgery and be looking to take a leading role within the business.

Our Candidate:

A qualified practice vet with at least three years’ experience post qualification. Rock View wanted somebody who was keen to progress their career as they would be given the opportunity to lead the orthopedic offering with support
from the owners to get personal certificates in orthopedics or surgery. The successful candidate would be joining a motivated and enthusiastic team of experienced nurses and support staff so would need to be as much a team player as a talented vet.

Our Solution:

A qualified practice vet with over ten years’ experience in the small animals field who was keen to move in to a more surgical role. They indicated that opportunities for career progression and skill development were key drivers for justifying taking on a new challenge. This individual surpassed Rock View’s requirements in terms of experience and, just as importantly, had a positive attitude towards working as part of a team.

Knowing the Client:

As with a lot of our clients, cultural-fit was as much a priority as job-fit when finding the perfect candidate for this company. We knew this was the case from day one and tailored our headhunt accordingly.

Identifying the Candidate:

As this was a specialist role in a stand-alone sector, we took advantage of our ability to quickly learn about and understand difficult industries when identifying the best candidates for Rock View.SIMPLY BRINGING THE RIGHT PEOPLE TOGETHERIn a nutshell, this is what we do. We identified a number of suitable candidates who fit both the role and the requirements of organisation as a whole. It was very rewarding for both the client and ourselves, that they found their ideal candidate within our shortlist and the headhunt was a success.Why use Executive Headhunters? & What does is cost?  FREE eBOOK A Guide to understanding how headhunters work and the fees involved  We understand the frustrations associated with recruiting at executive level  and for technical positions or senior roles. Download our FREE guide for a  detailed insight on the journey you are about to begin. Simply complete the  form below and download our guide DOWNLOAD NOW!