Business Development Management Headhunters

The Business:

Questar is an internationally recognised leader in Organisational Survey Research, supporting its clients worldwide from two locations in the USA and UK with consultancy services that include Employee Surveys, Employee Engagement and 360 Degree Personnel Surveys.

Focusing on leadership development programmes, their clients represent some of the world’s largest and most prestigious organisations.

Partnering with Global 2000 companies in a range of sectors (everything from financial services, restaurants and retailers to communications and health care) Questar has conducted over 150 million surveys, serviced more than 300,000 locations worldwide and surveyed respondents in 40 languages across 25 countries.

Their aim? To help companies truly understand what it is that makes their customers and employees tick.

The Challenge:

Questar wanted to attract a high calibre individual who would take up a Business Development role for them, developing new opportunities and concentrating on the acquisition of new clients. In addition to having proven his or her capacity for developing sales in the UK Professional Services arena, this individual also needed to be capable of taking a lead in generating business across Europe.

Our Candidate:

When it came to a pivotal role in a business much like our own, we knew that the focus for this search would need to be on finding someone with particularly strong interpersonal skills - a true ‘high performer’ among his or her peers. Mapping out the whole of Questar’s industry, we found two excellent candidates, one of whom was offered the position.

Our Solution:

An outstanding individual, with an established track record performing at the levels expected by Questar.

Knowing the Client:

Questar have a strong global reputation, which enhanced the position’s potential from the outset - but one of the key attractions came to the fore when we first talked to the company. The position was seen as being a challenging yet highly influential role, initially without the burden of a team of direct reports: a position that would suit an ambitious, entrepreneurial individual. With valuable support, systems and processes already in place, the successful candidate would quickly become an integral part of a growing business.

Identifying the Candidate:

To find the right candidates, we mapped out the entire industry - getting to know Questar’s competitors and also looking at peripheral service companies where we felt potential employees could currently be working. In addition, we made it a priority to identify individuals with Questar’s preferred criteria - things like finding someone with proven commercial awareness, and someone who would naturally take a solutions-based approach to sales using their experience of selling added value services.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

The pool of candidates narrowed when we added foreign language skills, with fluency in French, German, Spanish or Italian being a considerable advantage. However, the requirement was for a Business Development Manager who could take Questar’s services further into Europe - and we found two individuals who met those criteria.HOW YOU CAN RECRUIT THE PERFECT SALES LEADER  FREE eBOOK How To Hire The Perfect Sales Leader  You need to have the best Sales Director possible to allow your sales team to  reach their potential. How do you do that? By hiring the prefect sales leader.  How do you do that? By reading this ebook! DOWNLOAD NOW!