Sales Engineer Headhunters

The Business:

Pfisterer is a leading manufacturer of contact elements and systems for voltage networks. Their core products include railway catenary systems, overhead lines and all kinds of related components to be used in such an environment. With a strong reputation, high ambitions and commitment to development they’ve grown to become a globally-recognised brand, with a presence in 18 countries worldwide.

The Challenge:

The continued growth of the company called for the appointment of a new Sales Engineer to replace the current distribution channel. Based in Northern Ireland, the candidate would work from home and be responsible for selling the full range of Pfisterer products as well as going direct to the Electricity Supply Board and Northern Ireland Electric (NIE), thereby ensuring continued growth and profit in this competitive market. Pfisterer were looking for an individual who already knew the business inside out with a strong background in electrical engineering and a thorough understanding of overhead power lines, ideally (though not crucially) with additional experience in a sales environment.

Our Candidate:

The ideal candidate for the role would ideally have a sales background (or would have the motivation to get into this most competitive of areas), together with the determination and skills to forge successful relationships resulting in effective and profitable negotiations.

Using our contacts and conducting our search in the appropriate channels, we were able to identify candidates who had everything that Pfisterer were looking for.

Our Solution:

A talented individual with specialist experience in this niche market who could transform the distribution channel and increase sales.

Knowing the Client:

The specialist market that Pfisterer occupied, together with the company’s desire to markedly increase their turnover, meant we had to focus our search on candidates that already had a strong (and successful) history in engineering.We had two things in our favour – namely, that experience in sales wasn’t a pre-requisite for the role, but also that NIE - Northern Ireland Electic, a competitor - had recently made redundancies with many experienced engineers now being available. We used these facts to our advantage.

Identifying the Candidate:

The economic climate at the time worked in our favour. We were able to focus our search on newly-redundant and highly-driven managers and engineers who could use their experience and knowledge in this area to drive negotiations and increase sales.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

The successful candidate had all the necessary experience and could give Pfisterer exactly what they were looking for. The placement was so successful that they company have since used us to help in the appointment of another role, ensuring their continued growth with a headhunting strategy that works.HOW YOU CAN RECRUIT THE PERFECT SALES LEADER  FREE eBOOK How To Hire The Perfect Sales Leader  You need to have the best Sales Director possible to allow your sales team to  reach their potential. How do you do that? By hiring the prefect sales leader.  How do you do that? By reading this ebook! DOWNLOAD NOW!