Oppolis Software Ltd

Marketing Director

The Business:

Oppolis Software was established in 2003 by its three directors who previously worked together in traditional newspaper publishing.

They produce a suite of software products aimed at managing workflow and reviewing for the print and digital publishing industry.

Oppolis was about to launch a brand new product called ‘GoProof’. This product would be a self-serviced content proofing platform for creative professionals. It would take the
form of a monthly subscription service and sold into freelancers, small agencies and large creative professionals.

The Challenge:

Oppolis needed someone to launch and market the new GoProof platform, ensuring its presence and reputation in the market.

This would involve building the product name and ensuring it had good quality online marketing presence which would ultimately generate new licenses and subscriptions for the service.

They’d lead the way in ensuring GoProof was seen as one of the leading platforms for self serviced reviewing tools on the market.

This role would eventually transition into more of a general Marketing Director position, seeing this person manage the marketing for the entire library of Oppolis’ workflow solutions.

Our Candidate:

Oppolis reiterated that in order to be successful, the candidate must have taken a product from launch and created a successful and profitable subscription service. SAAS Background was vital and they needed an expert understanding of subscription models and how to target the right people and sectors.

The ideal individual would be extremely proactive, self-reliant and able to identify innovative ways of targeting the right people. They’d also need a driven personality and confidence in order to make Go Proof a standalone product.

For the long-term, experience managing the marketing for multiple products was crucial in order to eventually become Marketing Director for the company’s entire portfolio of products.

Our Solution:

We found a Head of Marketing who had recently rolled out marketing for a new subscription based product in the bespoke software solutions arena.

They’d directly contributed to the growth of the company they were working for at the time and felt their experience launching subscription products made them a perfect match for the role – we agreed.

Importantly, they were excited by the opportunity to become a Director and directly contribute to further growth at Oppolis and their ambition shone through to both us and the client.

Knowing the Client:

The three Directors of the business had a significant amount of experience of working in the publishing industry and had successfully applied their industry knowledge to the business.We knew they needed a Marketing Director who was also top bracket and worked with the same tenacious work ethic.

Identifying the Candidate:

We strictly targeted SAAS companies and other software/technology companies in our search as proven experience in these sectors was crucial for the role.Our team looked at candidates keen to make a step up in their careers as these are often the people who have the most ambition and drive to succeed.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

In a nutshell, this is what we do. We identified a number of suitable candidates who fit both the role and the requirements of the organisation as a whole. It was very rewarding for both the client and ourselves, that they found their ideal candidate within our shortlist and the headhunt was a success.Although this person wasn’t actively looking for a new role at the time, after we spoke to them about the position, they were interested to hear about the opportunity at Oppolis and, as a result, decided to make the move.Executive Headhunters Premium Resource  FREE eBOOK A Guide to the Digital Landscape: What Your Marketing Director Needs to Know  Your Marketing Director creates and executes your company vision, so it's  important they know what they're talking about! When you're hiring for this  position, you need to ensure they have the digital skills needed to succeed. DOWNLOAD NOW!