Managing Director Headhunters

The Business:

Founded in 2004, Motocaddy are an international manufacturer of golfing equipment. Motocaddy aim to deliver the best in design, functionality, and build to golfers, providing both reliability and affordability.

They were looking to hire a newly created role of Managing Director who could take on the responsibilities of the existing Ownership Board and lead the business to new heights.

We met with Motocaddy to discuss the role, sharing our knowledge and experience working within the industry and across similar role requirements. After talking them through the steps involved in our process, they were happy to work with us to find the perfect Managing Director for them.

The Challenge:

Due to the seniority of the role, finding the perfect candidate was challenging. Motocaddy had four key stakeholders that were involved in the decision making process, each of which held a different idea of what the “right” candidate looked like. We used detailed psychometric profiling to flag up the differences between each of the stakeholders' thinking and kept a consistent dialogue with the client in order to ensure the business made the right hire.

Our Solution:

We conducted a detailed four stage internal screening process prior to providing candidates for shortlist as well as sitting alongside the client during their interview process in order to facilitate two-way discussion.
In order to identify the best candidates for Motocaddy, we conducted a targeted executive talent search, looking specifically for candidates who possessed a broad Directorial skillset allied with a keen golfing interest.
We took the time to really get to know the candidates, including their ability to work with multiple stakeholders and their cultural fit with the organisation, particularly given that the business was keen to see rapid growth.

Identifying the Candidate:

As a result of our focused headhunting and screening process, we identified and shortlisted six top quality senior candidates. We provided Motocaddy with a broad shortlist of candidates, all of whom possessed the correct operational skillset to impress the four stakeholders.This ensured they were only presented with candidates who were ideal for the role and who we believed were perfectly suited to take on Motocaddy's business-critical Managing Director role.From this shortlist, our client found their ideal candidate and hired them as their new Managing Director, demonstrating our ability to identify and engage quality Managing Directors for top businesses.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

“This was a tough appointment for me as, apart from the obvious skill set of an MD, we really needed the right cultural fit as well as hands-on understanding of our product category. Executive Headhunters got the brief immediately, and took time to understand the complex chemistry of the business and then held our hands carefully through the process. This was an enjoyable and thought provoking experience.”- David Wells - Chairman, Motocaddy