Managing Director Headhunters

The Business:

Monika are a UK based technology SME with over 20 years success in developing, building, marketing, and supporting integrated hardware and software solutions for the food and clinical products industries.

Since its inception in 1992, Monika have been consistent leaders in their field in the UK, the Middle East and Australia. They have recently taken a giant step forward by releasing a totally new generation product range geared in particular to the needs of multi-site food service corporates, most of whom still rely on pen and paper solutions.

The Challenge:

The senior management team at Monika asked us to find a commercially focussed MD to come in and replace the existing MD and founder whom had decided to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the business.

They required an experienced MD to join the company to further strengthen the team, streamline operational processes and drive the business forward long-term.

The current MD’s successor would initially take control of the UK operations with the subsidiary operations overseas forming part of their responsibility in the future.

Our Candidate:

The team at Monika outlined a number of skills and experiences they required from candidates in order for them to be successful in landing their multi-faceted MD role.

Their spec included an individual whom had led a £5-£10M+ B2B organisation with a product development focus, had an understanding of the food service and food retail sectors, plus, was comfortable working within a technical environment and with a technical, consultative sell.

Our Solution:

We spoke to a number of suitable people in our search, all of whom were experienced and successful in their careers, but a candidate stood out to both ourselves and Monika when we compiled and delivered the shortlist.

Their strong personal attributes which included a positive attitude, strategic nouse, hardworking nature, excellent communication skills and natural gravitas immediately appealed to Monika.

A brilliant personal profile coupled with ample management achievements in the sectors Monika operates in was the perfect combination for this MD role.

Knowing the Client:

As a market leader, we knew that the people at Monika would only settle for the very best, especially when recruiting for the most important role within the business.This is why we deployed all of our resources to ensure we found the best person to not only drive the business forward but fit in to the culture of the organisation.

Identifying the Candidate:

We operate as a whole-of-market headhunter meaning we are able to tap in to and supply senior talent from different sectors.However, in this instance, our client emphasised the importance of finding someone with specific foodservice and food retail sector experience. So we did.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

In a nutshell, this is what we do. We identified a number of suitable candidates who fit both the role and the requirements of organisation as a whole.It was very rewarding for both the client and ourselves, that they found their ideal candidate within our shortlist and the headhunt was a success.Why use Executive Headhunters? & What does is cost?  FREE eBOOK A Guide to understanding how headhunters work and the fees involved  We understand the frustrations associated with recruiting at executive level  and for technical positions or senior roles. Download our FREE guide for a  detailed insight on the journey you are about to begin. Simply complete the  form below and download our guide DOWNLOAD NOW!