Masterton Demolition

Managing Director Headhunters

The Business:

Masterton was formed in 1979 and has since earned a reputation as one of the leading specialists in the UK’s demolition and decommissioning industry.

They have operated within traditional heavy industries such as power, steel and mining and grown into a specialist provider to the petrochemical, industrial, utility and pharmaceutical sectors.

Their services include Industrial Dismantling, Specialised Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Remediation, Recycling, Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning.

The Challenge:

The senior management team at Masterton had been looking for a new MD for several years with the assistance of other headhunting agencies, but to no avail. The incumbent MD was planning to explore alternative business opportunities within the industry and it was felt, at that moment in time, that the current Directors didn’t quite possess the specific skill sets to tackle this role head on.

The incoming MD would be expected to oversee the co-ordination of both offices, Scotland and the North East, to ensure that a quality and consistent service was provided.

The main emphasis for the role was on growing the company organically by obtaining new business with the aim of becoming a major player in the demolition services sector.

Our Candidate:

Masterton required an individual who could delegate responsibility amongst the senior management team whilst also having the required gravitas to lead the company in harmony with the senior directors.

They were looking for an experienced individual who had previously operated at Director Level and came from an engineering biased background; qualified to degree level or by site experience.

The successful candidate would also be financially astute with the ambition and mind-set to view this role as a challenging opportunity with great rewards.

Our Solution:

A commercially minded individual who had worked at Director Level with engineering qualifications and experience.

Previously a Commercial Director for a recycling firm, the successful candidate was driven, ambitious and confident that they could fulfil all of Masterton’s goals for their MD role.

Proven experience in increasing company turnover quite significantly was a key win for this individual along with a strong track record of managing people.

Knowing the Client:

The people at Masterton made their history of success and ambitions for the future clear when we met them. This role would be at the forefront of the company’s goals, meaning we simply had to get the placement spot on.

Identifying the Candidate:

As with all of our headhunts, we took on a whole-of-market approach. This allowed us to ‘hunt outside of the box’ and find the perfect MD candidate for Masterton even though they were currently working in a different sector and a different role.What they did have thought were all of the necessary transferrable skills and experience to succeed as a commercially focussed MD.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

In a nutshell, this is what we do. We identified a number of suitable candidates who fit both the role and the requirements of organisation as a whole.It was very rewarding for both the client and ourselves, that they found their ideal candidate within our shortlist and were happy with their new MD after several years of disappointment.Why use Executive Headhunters? & What does is cost?  FREE eBOOK A Guide to understanding how headhunters work and the fees involved  We understand the frustrations associated with recruiting at executive level  and for technical positions or senior roles. Download our FREE guide for a  detailed insight on the journey you are about to begin. Simply complete the  form below and download our guide DOWNLOAD NOW!