Kinnear Financial Ltd.

Executive PA Headhunters

The Business:

Kinnear Financial is a privately held financial services firm specialising in commodity-based investments. The business has established a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and resources in the energy sector.

Kinnear Financial has over 25 years of experience in successful investments in the commodity sector and in generating strong, sustainable returns on capital invested. Their success is built on a clear vision, specialised knowledge, a team of qualified professionals and strong and long-standing relationships.

The Challenge:

Kinnear’s Chairman was a very successful high net worth individual who travelled extensively. He was in need of some support when he was in the UK in the form of a Senior Executive Personal Assistant. They’d handle all normal PA duties, such as correspondence, scheduling, banking and booking travel. It was a very demanding role but the Chairman was a nice person, efficient, cordial, and generous and a grateful gentleman who appreciated a job done well.

Our Solution:

For this particular headhunt, we focused our attentions to the top performing PAs operating at only the highest level. Although a relatively rare type of headhunt for us, by using our existing networks and extensive research resources, we were able to find the best candidate for our client.

Identifying the Candidate:

Kinnear’s Chairman operated in the highest circles, he even had engagements at the Palace, so this candidate had to be a confident communicator who was happy to socialise and network in such high profile settings. They also needed someone who could co-host at social events and accompany the Chairman on business meetings and official dinners.It was imperative that the successful candidate had ample experience and was proficient at traditional PA duties such as taking minutes, arranging transportation and other necessary logistics, running professional and personal errands, liaising with clients and managing expenses.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

We successfully found a highly experienced PA who’d provided executive support at senior levels in a number of business sectors. They were very efficient in interfacing between commercial and operational aspects of the businesses they’d worked for, was an excellent communicator and could interact confidently at all levels. Importantly, they were reliable, organised and results-driven.