Business Development Manager Headhunters

The Business:

Eltronis are a specialist and security printing firm who have been operating since 2003, delivering a variety of contracts and are always looking to develop new technologies and offerings. They have a strong track record for security printing working with leading automotive companies and the NHS.

They have ambitious growth plans to expand internationally and set up a UK subsidiary. As a result, they required a Business Development Manager to help set up their UK office and achieve their ambitious growth targets.

Having not previously recruited within the UK, they felt the in-depth research undertaken through a headhunting approach was the most likely way to identify and recruit what they needed.

They engaged with us to recruit for the role as they were impressed by our detailed methodology, thorough research and high levels of quality support that we provide throughout the process.

The Challenge:

The major challenge for this role was the fact it was in such a niche sector with very few UK businesses specialising as security printing manufacturers. As a result, it was critical to really sell the opportunity to candidates highlighting the progression the role offered.

In particular, the role offered the potential for the successful candidate to become General Manager / Managing Director of the UK subsidiary.

Our Solution:

Our search focused on the specialist and security printing sectors. This included organisations involved in printing passports, bank notes and identity cards. We expanded our search into the specialist labelling industry. The nature of this industry has requirements that fit well with the demand of this position.

Identifying the Candidate:

Our in-depth search targeted candidates who had a successful track record of delivering against new business targets as well as effectively managing teams and budgets.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

Following a detailed search process, we presented Eltronis UK with a shortlist of three excellent candidates. This resulted in the successful appointment of an outstanding individual who had over 11 years sales experience within the security and specialist printing sectors. The successful candidate had managed teams in the past, been responsible for budgets as well as having operated internationally enabling them to be well positioned for a potential MD role in the future. Cezar Cuc, Managing Director at Eltronis stated, "A very warm thank you from my side for the whole team, you have been wonderful! Thank you for all your support!"