Contracts Manager

The Business:

Following the success of our previous headhunt for DRG, they requested to work with us to find a Contracts Manager.

The Challenge:

At the time, DRG were carrying out four large projects, and as such were looking to hire someone who could manage these building projects from start to finish. This would include taking charge on health and safety responsibilities as well as ensuring projects were delivered on time and within specifications. In addition to the issue of location we encountered during our previous headhunt, salary and experience were also challenges we faced. DRG were looking for candidates who had the right experience and required no hand-holding, but struggled to match the high salaries many London-based candidates were receiving.

Our Solution:

For this headhunt, we decided the best course of action was to search for experienced candidates who worked within the commercial and residential buildings niche. By searching in this area, we could proactively target top candidates who possessed the right experience and a strong understanding of DRG's sector and what they wanted.

We took the time to meet with candidates and proactively nurture them towards our client's opportunity, allowing us to overcome the issue of salary by selling DRG's business and opportunity to them.

Identifying the Candidate:

Following this, we produced a shortlist of quality, relevant candidates for DRG's opportunity. From this shortlist, DRG found their ideal candidate. This stand-out individual had experience working for two large businesses in the health buildings area. Not only this, but they also had strong experience working in small businesses and had also spent time self-employed.This meant that they not only had experience in businesses across a range of sizes, but also had proven ability to work and achieve success independently, which was key for DRG. Our client was once again very happy with the results of this headhunt, and has recently contacted us again requesting to work with us to fill another role.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

"We approached Executive Headhunters as we were looking to improve the way that we employ new people especially within our Site / Contracts Management team. From the beginning of working with Executive Headhunters, we have found them to be very communicative, and very professional. They have found us two great people that really fit well in to our company both with regards to culture and work ethic.They took the time to really get to know what we wanted as a company and how we work as a business. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them again to help us employ more great people."- Lyndsey Gregory, Director