Office Test

Director of Operations - Electrical Headhunters

The Business:

Having started in 2005 providing specialist Portable Appliance Testing services, the company has since expanded to include Risk Assessments, Testing and Maintenance, Training and E-Learning.

The business has grown year on year in terms of revenue and profits, and has established an impressive client base of over 5500 clients of all sizes, across various industry sectors.

With an ambition to grow the business beyond £10m turnover, the CEO and MD created a new role of Director of Operations in order to ensure the department reached operational excellence and has the requisite processes in place in order to handle the anticipated business growth.

The Challenge:

The Covid-19 pandemic was undoubtedly the biggest challenge on this project as people were not easily inclined to consider moving from secure employment during the pandemic.

However, by highlighting the nature of the opportunity and the quality of the client, we helped candidates overcome any
reluctance to move.

In addition, we maintained constant and open communication with candidates and took a proactive “hand holding” approach throughout the entire process.

Our Solution:

We undertook an in-depth search, focusing on candidates with experience of working in businesses that provided onsite maintenance service or had field engineering teams.

This included similar Portable Appliance Testing and Facilities Management businesses.

However, we also expanded the search beyond direct competitors to include businesses such as Broadband and Utility companies.

Identifying the Candidate:

We provided Office Test with an initial longlist of 96 candidates. Following a rigorous screening and interview process, we then whittled this down to a short list of 6 candidates for the client to interview. This resulted in the successful appointment of an individual who had excellent experience with a strong background.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

The successful candidate was a qualified engineer who had also achieved an MBA. They had a great mix of technical and business management experience. In addition, they were an excellent fit with the existing leadership team in terms of personality and culture.