Owner Managed and Family Business

At Executive Headhunters, we also provide a bespoke advisory service which can assist you in your succession planning or business exit strategy for your family business.

Succession planning is vital for any business owner who is looking to make their exit from their company, and we understand that you want to be confident that your successor is the right person to lead your business into the future.

Our team members here at Executive Headhunters have years of experience helping family-owned businesses in their succession planning, business development and can do the same for your company.

By utilising our unique, thorough headhunting service and extensive industry experience, at Executive Headhunters we can not only offer quality advice and guidance but also help you identify and find the right successor for your business.

We also understand that introducing new outsourced senior staff into a family-based business can be very difficult. Successfully bringing in outside talent isn’t always a smooth process, and we are experts at helping manage relationships and assisting in the integration of new senior staff under unique circumstances.

We’ve also recently produced a White Paper outlining the Exit Strategies for Owner Managed Businesses as well as the key things to consider when planning an exit.

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