Behavioural and Cultural Profiling

One of the vital parts of our headhunting process, and one that sets us apart from many other recruiting and headhunting agencies, is our use of behavioural and cultural profiling. This profiling allows us to gain insight into the personality and work style of the candidate, as well as their mental agility.

Cultural fit is often something that is overlooked by many businesses, and at Executive Headhunters we understand the importance of finding candidates who not only match the job description, but also fit into the company’s culture and environment.

When hiring senior talent, good cultural understanding is critical to success, which is why we are also able to profile team dynamic so that you can have a good understanding of your own team and business culture before hiring.

Crucially, given how working from home is becoming the norm, we’ve developed a specific profiling test in relation to remote working. This provides tailored advice to both the employee and their manager based on an in-depth understanding of the employee’s personality traits.

Our profiling can be utilised for analysis of candidates and potential hires, as well as for business benchmarking purposes.

Through this behavioural and cultural profiling, we are able to assist in maximising potential for you, your business, and your new hires.

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