Reporting and Control

When we undertake a headhunt for one of our clients we promise a level of transparency that none of our competitors offers.

This is because we are so confident in the depth and quality of our research that we make our entire process transparent.


By allowing our clients to login securely and see where we are up to on their assignment 24/7.

Our reporting portal gives access to all the documents relevant to an assignment as well as live statistics relating to candidates approached.

Additionally, we have built in a new function which provides a real time salary survey for the target role as our search progresses.

All this is provided to our clients at no additional charge.

Please call us on 0207 160 6996 and we will be happy to run you through an online demo of how this works and how it will benefit your business.

  • Total transparency
    Know where we are up to with your assignment 24/7
  • Total confidence
    Be totally confident ALL possible candidates have been targeted.
  • Pay an appropriate salary
    Ensure you aren’t paying over the odds with our in-built salary survey.

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