Director of Business Development Headhunters

The Business:

ComXo is a rapidly growing business that provides high quality virtual switchboard and support services. Their bright, well-spoken teams deliver exceptional switchboard support services, using their own 21st century technologies. They help clients to drive their business efficiency and enhance the voice of their brand.

The Challenge:

ComXo was looking for a Director of Business Development to be an integral part of driving growth in the business. They needed someone who understood how to lead and motivate a business development team, but would also be keen to be hands-on dealing with clients. They were particularly interested in finding someone with a proven track record of managing large, complex accounts with blue chip companies and driving extra revenue from them. This person really did need to be a special individual who could build on all of the great work the team had already done. The right person would need a consultative style as well as the dynamism to be successful.

Our Candidate:

The right person would need to have a special set of skills and experience. Our candidate had all of the attributes needed plus a proven track record of success in similar roles in highly consultative markets dealing with blue chip clients.

Our Solution:

We recommended a full headhunt so that we could map out the highest quality candidates across a range of sectors where businesses needed to impress with their quality and professionalism.

Knowing the Client:

ComXo is a well-established business with a great history and huge potential for future growth. We took the time to get to know the personalities of the senior management team so that we would know the right people when we saw them. We knew that the opportunity would be exceptionally attractive to the right candidates once we got speaking to them. We used our network to spread the word that we were working on a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, paving the way to ensure candidates listened to all of the fantastic details of the role when we called.

Identifying the Candidate:

We conducted a full headhunt to map out the Business Development Directors within businesses of a similar size who were selling a high quality, professional outsourced service. We found several candidates who clearly had the potential to excel in this role, and they were put through a rigorous interview process.

Simply Bringing the Right People Together:

Our headhunting process delivered the right results. The successful candidate brings the delicate mix of skills, personality and experience that ComXo were looking for. Everyone is delighted with the result. HOW YOU CAN RECRUIT THE PERFECT SALES LEADER  FREE eBOOK How To Hire The Perfect Sales Leader  You need to have the best Sales Director possible to allow your sales team to  reach their potential. How do you do that? By hiring the prefect sales leader.  How do you do that? By reading this ebook! DOWNLOAD NOW!