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Recent data shows that only 2 in 10 students would consider opting for a career in sales. But why is this? Why is it that so few students are interested in a potentially lucrative career path?

The Sales Stigma

For many graduates, sales roles have an unfortunate stigma surrounding them. Let’s face it, on the surface it’s not exactly a dream job is it? Straight out of university, students are used to being hounded with offers for basic sales roles.

You know the ones. Sitting in a call centre on the phones all day, and if you don’t make your three calls a minute quota? You get axed and replaced with the next graduate.

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These types of sales roles paint a negative picture for students. But not all sales roles are like this, of course. There should be more awareness of the amount of variation found in sales related jobs. After all, they’re not all call centres.

Sales roles vary greatly from industry to industry. An IT sales role isn’t going to be the same as an engineering sales role. That in turn isn’t going to be the same as a recruitment sales role.

On top of this, even sales roles within the same industry vary from each other. Not all people in construction sales are going to be call centre workers, after all.

Sales Practices Are Changing

In fact modern practices are advancing. The sales workplace has become much more focused on technology. Those who have a good understanding of modern technology will thrive. This is ideal for students. In fact today’s students are perhaps the best talent to consider for sales roles looking to the future.

With the rise of social media we see a change in how sales is approached. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter provide sales opportunities like never before. Your average student’s understanding of social media is likely very strong.

Chances are, it wouldn’t take much time at all to train them to take advantage of this understanding and form creative sales applications.

Exciting young prospects aren’t going to be interested in routine call centre roles. They’re going to be interested in inventive, unique opportunities that allow them to utilise their creativity and ambition, and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Students Are Ideal For Training & Nurturing

The skills that students gain through modern education makes them ideal for training. Sales roles are some of the best to work in for career advancement. The skills and expertise you gain through quality sales roles allows people to shoot up the corporate ladder. This is ideal for ambitious students, and that’s why we need to increase awareness as much as possible.

Generally speaking, one of the main appeals of sales roles for students is money. Sales provides an opportunity for graduates to earn a good base sum plus commission, which is more than many other jobs offer. But for many students, that just isn’t enough.

Students and young graduates should have their ambition nurtured, not restricted. It’s up to job providers to present sales roles as more than just an opportunity to earn a lot of money. They should be presented as opportunities to make the most of your talents, develop vital skills and connections, and make their way up in the business world.

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How To Find The Best Salespeople

So how should sales leaders go about finding the best salespeople for their teams? The most important position in a sales team is the leader. Without a quality leader, even the best sales team is missing out on reaching their potential.

In one of our previous insights we outline what to consider when recruiting a sales manager. This will help you make sure you recruit only the best for your team.

We’ve also provided insight into how to probe candidates with our top sales interview tips. In this we guide you through the successful sales interview process and provide you with some example interview questions as well as general sales interview tips and tricks to get the most out of your recruitment process.

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