candidate shortage

Record Numbers of UK Job Vacancies

The latest March 2018 release Report on Jobs by the UK Labour Market states that the UK is currently experiencing record numbers of job vacancies. What’s more is that the report outlines that the current number of available candidates is worryingly low. With the current candidate shortage, just what can employers do to ensure they have the best talent available for every job opportunity?

The fact of the matter is that there’s simply too many jobs going unfilled.

According to the report, the private sector is seeing particularly sharp rises in job vacancies. As a result, employers need to start re-evaluating their recruitment methods to keep up with the current job market.


Many Businesses Simply Can’t Expand

Such a lack of available candidates for job opportunities unfortunately means that many businesses simply don’t have the option to expand. In order to find, attract, and hire the necessary people to facilitate expansion, employers need to employ smart recruitment practices. Unfortunately, many small businesses just don’t have the reputation and finances required to attract large teams of people for expansion without outsourcing.

The Very Best Businesses Have a Talent Plan in Place

With these recent statistics it’s clear that employers need to be focusing their efforts on talent pipelining more than ever. With such a lack of available candidates it’s not enough to simply deal with recruitment when the need arises.

Employers need to plan in advance to ensure that their jobs are filled by highly-talented individuals.

That’s why talent pipelining is absolutely essential to successful recruitment.

Competition is High, Competitor Awareness is a Must

This current shortage of candidates and high rate of unfilled roles means that in many industries the race is on to secure the best talent. Competition is indeed fierce, and employers can’t afford to get left behind.

It’s vital that employers have a strong understanding of their market and competitors. By not understanding your competitors’ practices, you’re risking missing out on quality talent. Often the best talent for you is already employed in your industry.

Your ideal candidate could be employed by one of your competitors. This is why competitor analysis and profiling is essential in understanding how to best appeal to this talent and not get left in the dust.

So What Should Employers Do?


So the question remains; what should employers do to ensure they can find the right people when recruiting? How can employers avoid unfilled job opportunities?

The answer is headhunters.

There needs to be a greater focus on targeting talented individuals who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities. The best talent gets snapped up quickly. Especially in industries like engineering, which the report states has the highest demand for staff, high-quality talent is very valuable.

If employers only recruit for senior talent through job ads, they’re narrowing their own candidate pool.

The current market requires a more direct, concentrated approach to recruitment, and headhunters can provide this. Headhunters are able to make direct approaches to talented individuals and nurture them towards opportunities.

As for those hoping to expand their business, concentrated approaches to pre-established teams of people is key. Team expansion is the most cost effective way of expanding your business, which makes it ideal for smaller companies. Headhunters can conduct team expansion by carrying out executive searches for successful teams of talented individuals.

Effectively, it’s evident from the Report on Jobs that employers should adjust their recruitment practices to match this continued candidate shortage. Quality candidates are rare. It’s very difficult to recruit the best talent on your own, proactivity is a must. Headhunters provide this proactivity by recruiting high-quality talent using competitor analysis and direct, nurtured approaches.

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