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Executive Headhunters EMA Partners have helped many businesses recruit highly talented individuals. We’ve overcome recruitment challenges and helped businesses across multiple industries and sectors including legal, engineering, and finance.

The employment law recruitment process can be difficult and time-consuming. We understand that when conducting the process of senior recruitment law firm, hiring teams can be under a lot of pressure.

At Executive Headhunters EMA Partners we have extensive experience making this process easier, finding ideal candidates for businesses in the legal sector.

One of these businesses is legal firm Mossop & Bowser Solicitors. Let’s take a look at the journey we embarked on with Mossop & Bowser, finding them the best candidate for their business and their business opportunity.

The Business


Founded in 1826 by Robert Mossop, Mossop & Bowser Solicitors are a traditional legal professional service. Mr C M Bowser became a partner of the firm in 1916, and the business became Mossop & Bowser. They offer a bespoke legal advisory service to their clients, and believe that every client has the right to receive tailored advice based on their individual wants and needs.

They believe in providing an efficient, cost-effective, and fast service. Making full use of modern technology in order to enhance the advice provided for their clients.

The Challenge

Mossop & Bowser needed to recruit a Litigation Solicitor who could take on a senior role within their business. There was a family and employment law emphasis to the role.

The business has large industry presence, and offer a complete legal service. As such, they required a talented professional solicitor with a positive outlook who would be able to maintain Mossop & Bowser’s strong brand image.

Although the need to find a candidate for this role was urgent, Mossop & Bowser emphasised that this shouldn’t lead to any compromise in candidate quality.

The Ideal Candidate

The successful candidate would need 4-5 years experience in family and employment law, and have an ethical and personal approach to business.

The candidate had to demonstrate they had sufficient experience dealing with clients on a personal basis. They also had to be competent with technology, with a natural drive to work effectively and efficiently.

Mossop & Bowser’s management team preferred to promote from within, and their business has an upward trajectory. As a result, the ideal candidate for this role had to have a naturally driven attitude. They needed to have a clear aim to establish themselves in the role and work their way up the company.

Our client requested we provide candidates from relevant firms, who were found within a certain geographical area. We then searched ‘outside the box’ for candidates who possessed the necessary transferable experiences and skill sets. We took this into account and followed this procedure in the course of our detailed executive search.
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Our Knowledge of our Clients

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We understood that Mossop & Bowser were a strong firm, as their senior management team was composed of individuals who had been with the business for a number of years. From this, we knew the ideal candidate had to be loyal, with the ability to remain in a role for an extended period of time.

Our Solution

Taking our client’s wants and needs into account, we conducted an extensive talent search to find the most ideal talent for Mossop & Bowser’s opportunity.

We produced a high-quality shortlist of candidates tailored to our client’s Litigation Solicitor role. One of these candidates was a vastly experienced family lawyer; possessing 20 years’ experience.

In addition to this candidate’s strong experience, our client was impressed with their straightforward approach to cases, in addition to their clear passion and aim to ensure that each client is always fully satisfied with the outcome they achieve.

The high level of motivation exhibited by this individual made them an appealing candidate to Mossop & Bowser. Their motivation indicated that they’d work hard to advance, which is what our client desired.

This talented individual was deemed to be the perfect candidate who met all of our client’s requirements, and was chosen by Mossop & Bowser as their new Litigation Solicitor.

So What Does This Experience Show?

This is what we do at Executive Headhunters EMA Partners. For law firms recruitment can be challenging. However, we took our client’s wants and needs into account and set out to conduct a detailed, thorough executive search to find the best possible talent for their opportunity. In the process we identified a quality shortlist of suitable candidates who were a perfect match for Mossop & Bowser’s business, producing one stand-out candidate.

This experience was rewarding for both us and our client. We are pleased to have assisted in their employment law recruitment process and to have provided them with a high-quality candidate in a suitable time-frame.

Can Executive Headhunters Help You?

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So you may be asking yourself; can Executive Headhunters do the same for my business?

If you’re a business looking to recruit for a senior level role, whether you’re in the legal industry or any other sector, we’ll be happy to help you find the ideal candidate for your opportunity. As stated, we have strong experience working with hugely successful companies across multiple industries, and will conduct headhunts for any senior level role.

Do you want to know more about our experiences headhunting for other clients? Visit our Case Studies page and look through our other senior headhunts. We’ve headhunted for roles in sectors such as;

  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • And many more

By using us for your senior recruitment needs, you’re opening yourself up to a larger pool of quality candidates, and reaping the benefits of work-life balance. The process of recruitment law firm hiring staff have to undergo can be lengthy, and incredibly exhausting. We can help you save a great deal of time and effort whilst allowing you input into the headhunting and selection process.

If you’re interested in our service but still aren’t sure about how we can help find the right individual for you and your business, why not give us a call to request a FREE insights session with a legal recruitment consultant.

Over the course of this insights session, one of our talented senior consultants can talk you through our headhunting process at Executive Headhunters. The session is also an opportunity for you to highlight the details of your business and the role you’re offering, along with what you want and need from the recruitment process.

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